Grass or Grass Seed

Grass cat litter comes in two basic types: made from the green parts of plants, or made from seeds. Most of the “grass” litter available in stores is actually made from grass seeds. All varieties of grass litter are lightweight.


  • Grass seed litter has a lot of natural starch and forms strong clumps
  • Good odor control because you can scoop away all the soiled parts of the litter
  • Usually flushable or compostable
  • Grass smell is often very attractive to cats
  • Usually free of added fragrance or chemicals for clumping


  • Expensive
  • Clumps will fall apart if they’re too wet
    • Diabetic cats or those with kidney disease may pee too much for this to be a good litter choice
    • May not work well in multi-cat homes if your cats all try to pee in the same spot in the box
  • Natural odor from the grass material can aggravate allergies/asthma in cats and humans
  • Cats might be tempted to eat it
  • Can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and bugs