Wheat cat litter is a category that also includes litters made from oats, barley, and mixed grains. Wheat litter is usually lightweight. Wheat litters are usually granules, but sometimes come in pellet form.


  • Soft on kitty paws
  • Safe to ingest for most cats (unless they have an allergy to the grain)
    • can be a good choice to use with kittens
  • Flushable and compostable
    • Possibly septic-safe
  • Less dusty than most clay litters, and the dust from it is not made of silica


  • Tracks a lot
  • Diabetic cats may be tempted to eat it
  • Dangerous for cats with wheat allergies
  • Can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, or bugs
  • Weak clumps fall apart easily during normal cleaning
    • Though sometimes the opposite problem of “cement” clumps will occur
  • Poor odor control causes a urine-soaked grain smell
    • Sometimes contains added odor masking/controlling ingredients