Financial Disclosure

I want to be as honest and transparent as possible about the ways in which I make money though this website, so here’s the breakdown of the different stores/products/services I recommend and the way in which I benefit.

If a company or product is not listed in this table then I do not receive any benefit for making recommendations to use them.

CompanyHow I Benefit
Chewy.comMost orders placed by someone following a link I provide will generate a small commission for me. I do not receive commissions on any medications, but can receive commissions on all other products, including prescription foods and treats.
As of October 2019 I’m also a very minor shareholder for Chewy stock (purchasing approximately 2 shares per week).
Amazon.comAnyone who places an order by following a link I provide generates a small commission for me
M1 FinanceI receive a small referral bonus for anyone who follows my link to M1 Finance and creates an account
PayPal DonationsAny donations made through PayPal come directly to me to be used at my discretion. I do not have a 501(c)3 charity so there is no tax benefit to you as a donor.
PetFoodList.orgA second site that I own and maintain. Pet Food List has the same affiliate benefits as this site and generates a small amount of earnings in the exact same way.

The animal rescue groups in Tucson that I support, whenever possible, are: