Asthma in cats is generally caused by an allergic reaction to an inhaled allergen which stimulate the immune system. Common allergens are things like pollen, dust, and chemicals. When a cat inhales something they’re allergic to they have an immediate immune response that often ends in a classic asthma attack, including difficulty breathing and airway constriction.

What an Asthma Attack Looks Like

Here are a few different examples of what an asthma attack in cats looks like.

Disease Information Sites

Feline Asthma, Winn Feline Foundation, and International Cat Care all have a lot of great information about asthma in cats.

Other Information

For cats who have asthma, having a rescue inhaler on hand can provide immediate relief.

If your cat has environmental allergies, following the tips for human asthma/allergy sufferers for reducing allergens in your home will also provide relief.

  • Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has some great cleaning tips for preventing or reducing allergies
  • Everyday Health has specific tips for how to clean your home and which products to use or avoid
  • In nearly every case, using entirely fragrance free cleaning products, laundry detergents, and personal hygiene products for yourself can help to prevent allergy attacks in your cat
  • Using a cat litter that is entirely fragrance free, unscented, and has zero dust is the best choice for a cat with asthma.
    • Dust free is very hard to find in clumping clay litters, so aim for a 99% dust free variety
    • Check the return policy of the stores where you purchase litter and do not be afraid to return a package of litter if the package you purchased is too dusty. There is some natural variation in the amount of dust in these products, but you do not need to keep and use a dusty litter.

Support Groups

Feline Asthma is the support group associated with the Feline Asthma website., an email-based group service, has a few different groups related to feline asthma, all of which appear to be quite active: