Finding Financial Assistance

The programs listed below are for those in the United States. For those outside the US you’ll need to this list instead.

Do you know of an organization not listed? Do you know organizations in other countries? Please tell me about it!

There are a lot of independent organizations that can help cover the cost of veterinary expenses if needed. Some of these programs can have lengthy qualification processes, so if you think you might need them in the future, the time to begin the application process is now.

If you are looking for cheap supplies and not vet care, check out the Saving Money section for ideas.

Self Fundraising – You can always begin a fundraising campaign on your own. PayPal allows you to receive money directly without charging a fundraising fee, or you can create a fundraiser though them and be charged fees similar to other sites. Other popular options are GoFundMe and Facebook. It’s very important to note with self-fundraising that there are tax implications that could affect you, particularly if you receive any form of public assistance. If you are self-fundraising and don’t want to jeopardize any other assistance benefits you receive you can have all the funds paid directly to your veterinarian, rather than yourself.

Speaking for Spot – Financial assistance for veterinary care. A list of some organizations that may be able to provide you with some financial assistance paying for veterinary care. Many of them are specific in terms of the type of medical care they will cover, the state or region where you reside, family income levels, etc.

Financial Assistance Links for Help with Veterinary Bills – A list of numerous nonprofit organizations which have been created to help pet owners pay for veterinary care they cannot afford.

Are You Having Trouble Affording Your Pet? – A comprehensive list of state and national resources of pet financial aid-related organizations in the USA.

iCare Credit – iCare is made available to meet the specific needs of those pet owners who do not have adequate insurance coverage or necessary cash available to pay at the time of service. Ask your veterinary clinic if iCare Credit is an option offered by their clinic.

Care Credit – A credit card company for health care, including veterinary care. “Care Credit, the leader in patient/client financing, has helped more than 3 million patients/clients get the treatment or procedures they needed and wanted. With a comprehensive range of plan options, for treatment or procedure fees from $1 to over $25,000, we offer a plan and a low monthly payment to fit comfortably into almost every budget.”

ScratchPay – Similar to Care Credit, ScratchPay is a short term loan to cover veterinary expenses. Many people who do not qualify for Care Credit can qualify for ScratchPay. They have varying payment plans. Their Take 5 plan allows you to take the loan at 0% interest and splits your loan into 5 equal payments with the first payment being due the day you take the loan. Payments are due every 2 weeks on that plan so it may not work for everyone. They also have plans that will break the loan into 1 or 2 year repayments, but the interest rates on those loans can be very high even for someone with good credit.

QuadPay – An account you can use to split up large payments into 4 equal payments that are charged to your credit or debit card over the course of 6 weeks. It does not look like QuadPay can be used at veterinary offices, but it can be used at many online stores for purchases, so it could help cover the cost of medications or other necessary supplies. This app could be a great choice particularly if you need to make a large purchase and are planning to use a credit card anyway. Because QuadPay splits the payments over the course of 6 weeks you’re guaranteed to have your total purchase amount split over at least 2 billing cycles on your credit card, which could save you a lot of money on interest.

Diabetic Cats in Need (DCIN) Compassionate Assistance Program (CAP) – If approved, the program provides one-time assistance with certain insulins and other supplies (including testing supplies if the caregiver desires) to low-income caregivers. It also provides guidance to feline diabetes educational information and sites on the Internet, hoping to get the caregivers on the road to “appropriate treatment” for their cats.

Lantus Land Emergency Fund (LLEF) – The Lantus Land Emergency Fund runs fundraisers on an as-needed basis to assist caregivers who are regular posters in the Lantus & Levemir Insulin Support Group on the Feline Diabetes Message Board when emergency veterinary care is needed for their diabetic cats. LLEF does not normally assist with insulin, supplies, or routine medical care. To contact LLEF, please send a Private Message (PM) to “LLEF” on the Feline Diabetes Message Board. Regular posters in the Lantus & Levemir ISG may also apply to join LLEF’s Facebook group at: – Applicants will be asked to supply their FDMB username.

Red Rover Relief (formerly the Emergency Animal Rescue Service of United Animal Nations) – Red Rover is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. All of our programs are designed to bring animals from crisis to care and strengthen the bond between people and animals. Our Red Rover Relief program offers one-time grants to low- or no-income families, rescuers, and Good Samaritans facing emergency veterinary crises. Please review the established guidelines to see if your situation qualifies.

Scratch – ScratchPay offers simple and affordable payment plans for veterinary care. This option is a one time loan, not a credit card. If approved for a ScratchPay loan, no need to keep track of a card, they pay for your pet’s care directly to the hospital. Check your eligibility and rates without affecting your credit score. These can be very high interest loans. If you qualify for Care Credit that is a better option than Scratch.

The Pet Fund – The Pet Fund is a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care.

Wells Fargo Health Advantage – Healthcare credit card that can be used …. for both human and animal care. Easy to apply online – get an instant credit decision. Offers many payment plan options including 6 months or 12 months deferred interested… with no purchase minimum

Speaking for Spot has another list of financial assistance options to review.

Brown Dog Foundation has a small fund for being able to provide assistance with veterinary care. They focus on animals in life-threatening situations. Fill out their pre-qualification form at

Frankie’s Friends has a national fund to help cats in need as well as links to specific regional funds.

Paws 4 a Cure provides coverage for veterinary bills large and small.

Shakespeare Animal Fund offers limited assistance to people living in the Northern Nevada / Lake Tahoe area.

Dylan’s Hearts has financial assistance options for those who already qualify for government assistance programs such as WIC, Medicare, Social Security Disability, or unemployment. If you are already receiving any of those benefits you may immediately qualify.

Animal Care Foundation of Minnesota has funding available in certain counties for individuals who are already receiving government assistance through programs such as Social Security or Medicaid (Minnesota Medical Assistance).

Save U.S. Pets operates out of New Jersey. They have a list of participating veterinarians in their program. They do not accept requests for funding from cat owners, but if you use a participating veterinarian the vet can request funding on your behalf.

The Riedel & Cody Fund provides assistance with chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cats (and dogs) in need.