Products I Use

SubQ Fluids * Other Syringes and Needles * Oral Prescription Meds
Oral Non-Prescription Meds and Supplements * Capsule Making Supplies * Injectable Meds
Glucose Testing * Enemas and Suppositories * Blood Pressure Monitoring * Miscellaneous Things

I’m often asked which products I use with my cats, or which products I recommend based on what others have said. To make my life a little easier I decided to compile that list here.

You can find all of these products from other online suppliers or local pharmacies, this is just the list of what I use to help you get started in your search.

SubQ Fluids

For subQ fluids I use the syringe method, so the products I use are slightly different than what is needed for the drip method. See the SubQ Fluids page for more information.

ProductMethod Used WithWhere I’ve Purchased
Lactated Ringers 1000 ml (See this page & pay $25 for a whole case)Both Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Thriving Pets, Chewy
IV LineDripThriving Pets (anything except the 30 inch line from this page will work)
The Braun lines DO NOT have separate injection ports for giving additional meds. The other lines do.
Syringes – 60 ml Luer LockSyringeThriving Pets, Blowout Medical
Extension linesSyringeThriving Pets
Hey Med Supply
Save Rite Medical (ships to both USA and Canada)
Winged Infusion Sets (Butterfly needles) 21g 3/4″Syringe or BothHey Med Supply, Blowout Medical ( SV21BLK)
Terumo Needles (if not using butterfly needles)Drip or BothMed-Vet, Thriving Pets
18g Needle (for drawing fluid into syringe from bag)SyringeMedLab Supply, Thriving Pets
Sharps Container*Amazon
IV Pole*DripVitality Medical, Amazon

*suggested, but not strictly required

Other Syringes and Needles

ProductWhere I’ve Purchased
Oral medicine syringes1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10 ml all FREE at local CVS pharmacy
Luer Lock Syringe w/o needle1 ml on Amazon
3 ml on Amazon
10 ml on Amazon
Insulin Syringes*Multiple sizes at Blowout Medical
Multiple sizes at Total Diabetes Supply, including options with half-unit markings
These may be cheaper at a local pharmacy. Depending where you live you do not need a prescription to buy them.
Needle Clippers**Amazon

*Insulin syringes have a “units” measure, but it’s really just based on a fraction of a milliliter. A U-30 syringe = 0.3 ml, a U-50 syringe = 0.5 ml and a U-100 syringe = 1 ml

**Needle clippers will snip off the needle from an insulin syringe and store it internally like a sharps container. Needle clippers make it much safer to dispose insulin syringes with other municipal waste if your local laws allow that.

Oral Prescription Medications

ProductWhere I’ve Purchased
Cerenia*Allivet, Chewy, Valley Vet
OndansetronWalgreen’s Pharmacy
Omeprazole, Ranitidine, FamotadineLocal grocery store
PrednisoloneValley Vet, Chewy, Allivet, VetRx Direct, Vet Approved Rx
LactuloseChewy, Walgreen’s Pharmacy
Mirtazipine 7.5 mg tablets**Walgreen’s Pharmacy
SucralfateValley Vet Supply

*Cerenia in the 24 mg strength is a much better deal than the 16 mg strength if you’re able to cut it down to the right size dose for your cat.

*Allivet is the best price I’ve found for Cerenia. They have an autoship discount and they will price-match if you find it cheaper elsewhere.

**Check out Human Prescription Savings at Walgreens for tips and coupons to save money on these items.

Oral Non-Prescription Supplements

ProductWhere I’ve Purchased
Aluminum Hydroxide Amazon
Thriving Pets
VetRx Direct
Potassium CitrateSwanson Vitamins
Methylcobalamin (B12) (oral) Amazon
B Complex (oral)Amazon, Swanson
NiacinamideAmazon, iHerb
Saccharomyces Boulardii (probiotic) Amazon
FortiFlora* Amazon, Chewy, Petsmart
Thomas Labs Bio Case Pancreatic Support Dog & Cat Supplement Amazon or Chewy

*Renadyl from Amazon comes from the Thriving Pets store, so either way you’re ultimately buying from Thriving Pets.

*FortiFlora is sometimes cheaper if you purchase packs of 2 – 3 boxes, but not always! Before buying a larger kit be sure to divide the total price by the number of boxes and verify you’re getting the best deal.

*Fortiflora is sold locally at any Petsmart that carries the “prescription” diets. FortiFlora does not require a prescription, but will be with the Purina prescription items.

Capsule Making Supplies

ProductWhere I’ve Purchased
Pill Cutters
I find that nail clippers actually work best,
or a standard razor blade
Small clippers on Chewy
Medium/Large clippers on Chewy
Gloves or finger cots
Keep your hands clean and keeps pills
from getting sticky
Nitrile gloves on Amazon
Nitrile finger cots on Amazon
Empty gelatin capsules Size 3:
unflavored on Amazon
chicken flavor on Amazon
beef flavor on Amazon
Size 4: Amazon
Size 5: Amazon

Or, shop all 3 sizes at Thriving Pets
Capsule-making machine
match the machine to your capsule size!

Injectable Medications

ProductWhere I’ve Purchased
Cyanocobalamin (B12)Allivet
B ComplexVeterinary:
Aspen B Complex is available without a prescription
Henry Schein B Complex requires a prescription
My preference is to use a human prescription version from McGuff Compounding Pharmacy
Folic Acid*McGuff Compounding Pharmacy
Lantus Insulinlocal pharmacy using the GoodRx discount
Potassium Chloride**Thriving Pets
Aranesp 25 mcg/mL***Walgreens Pharmacy

*Injectable B Complex does not come with Folic Acid, so this must be purchased separately

**Must ONLY be injected into a fluid bag, DO NOT DIRECTLY INJECT IN YOUR CAT

***Check out Human Prescription Savings at Walgreens for tips and coupons to save money on Aranesp

Glucose Testing

These are the “veterinary” glucose testing products. Before purchasing, check out the information from Feline Diabetes about using cheaper, and more readily-available human monitors. If you plan to get a human monitor, don’t focus on the price of the starter kit (meter, test strips and a few lancets), focus on the cost of the replacement test strips. The replacement strips are where you’re going to spend your money, so you want these as inexpensive as possible.

Veterinary Monitor and Supplies

Products Where I’ve Purchased
AlphaTrak2 glucometer (starter kit)Amazon, Chewy
Extra LancetsAmazon, local pharmacy
AlphaTrak2 Test Strips*Amazon, Chewy
PetSure Test stripsAmazon
PetSure Test Strips and Lancets (combo pack)Amazon
AlphaTrak2 Test SolutionAmazon, Chewy

*PetSure test strips are compatible with the AlphaTrak2 glucometer

Human Monitor and Supplies

Products Where I’ve Purchased
Glucometer (starter kit)Amazon, or local store brands
Test StripsAmazon
Extra LancetsAmazon, local pharmacy
Freestyle Libre Sensors*Walgreen’s Pharmacy
Freestyle Libre Reader*Walgreen’s Pharmacy

*See Blood Sugar Monitoring for more info about Freestyle Libre, and check out Saving Money on Human Prescriptions for some potential cost savings ideas.

Enemas and Suppositories

Products Where I’ve Purchased
Pet-EmaAllivet, Amazon

Blood Pressure Monitoring

ProductsWhere I’ve Purchased
Contec08A-Vet BP machineAmazon
Extra BP cuffs in small sizeseBay (seller links are constantly changing)

Miscellaneous Things

Products Where I’ve Purchased
Baby Scale (for weighing the cat)Amazon
Antster Ant Prevention Feeding StationAmazon
Litter Boxes: Large or extra large storage bins
Watch the instructional video
Dremel Tool (for cutting litter boxes)Amazon
Plastic Crate Trays (for under the litter boxes)Chewy, Petsmart
Pee Pads (for under the litter boxes)Chewy, Amazon, local discount stores like Ross, Marshall’s, TJMaxx
Large incontinence pads (for protecting furniture)Disposable or Reusable on Amazon
Pill PopperMedi-Vet