Cats Love Heated Beds!

If you’ve spent any time around a cat, ever, you probably already know that they are constantly on the lookout for warm spots to sit. If they see a patch of sunlight, a running laptop, a slightly-warm charger cable for a phone or computer, or anything else that gives off heat they will naturally use that as their spot so sit or nap.

Cats with anemia, arthritis, or chronic kidney disease can benefit from having a heating pad. But, whether your kitty is sick or not, they would probably love an extra-warm bed to lay on.

There are different kinds of heated beds you can offer.

Electric Heating

Electric heated pads, like this one, are specially designed to maintain a constant heat about 15 degrees Fahrenheit above room temperature when not in use. The heat signature from these heating pads attracts any kitty looking for a warm spot. Once a cat lays on the pad it will heat up to maximum temperature of about 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Some other great features of pads like this are:

  • Can be inserted into any pet bed that has a proper cover
  • Internal thermostat control prevents the bed from heating up to an unsafe temperature, protecting kitties from burns
  • Low electricity usage and long power cords to make bed placement easy
  • Easy cleaning – just unplug the pad, wipe the outside of it with water or a gentle cleaning solution, let dry, then re-insert into the bed


Self-Heating beds are a lot like an emergency blanket – rather than absorbing and dispersing body heat they will reflect the heat back into the cat. They have a lot of great features:

  • Machine washable on a gentle cycle
  • Completely portable
  • Does not require any electricity
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can be easily covered with a pillow case to reduce the number of washings required