Eco-Friendly Pee Pads

Most of the time when people talk about pee pads they’re talking about something they need for their dog. But having cats might put you in a position to need to use pee pads too.

I go through a lot of pee pads in my house because two of my cat have some litter box challenges.

Thomas likes to raise his butt up in the air and pee over the sides of litter boxes. After a lot of trial and error I finally figured out that I needed super tall litter boxes to contain him, but until I figured that out I lived with an elaborate litter box set up that involved pee pads lining the walls and floor around all the boxes.

Cat is a different story. Cat has intestinal lymphoma and goes through periods of uncontrolled diarrhea. Because of that, and because of how awful he feels when that happens, he has developed a bit of litter box aversion. He uses the box a lot, but not all the time.

So, between these two boys I’ve gone through quite a lot of pee pads in the last couple of years. On average I’m using 2 pads per day. Because of the length of time that I’ve been using them, and the amount that I go through, I’ve been very concerned about the environmental impact of all the extra plastic waste that I’m generating.

I’ve already made the switch to using compostable bags for cleaning the litter boxes, so the next logical step was to find some sort of bio-plastic option for these pee pads. A few weeks ago I found the Greenbone Bio Pet Pads and decided to give them a try. I’m really glad I did, because they are great!. They work just as well as the oil-based plastic pads I’ve been using, and I’ve not had a single leak or tear in them in all of this time.

If you’re using pee pads with your cat (or dog) and want a more earth-friendly option, I recommend giving the Greenbone Bio Pet Pads a try.