If you have made your way to this website it is likely because you are caring for a cat with a chronic and/or terminal illness.

The goal of this site is to help you find the information necessary for understanding and treating your cat’s illness by linking you to the many wonderful resources that already exist.

What’s in this site?

  • Disease Directory
    • Contains basic information about a specific disease or illness and links to more complete sources
    • Each disease in the directory also contains links to relevant support groups if those groups exist.
  • Tips, Tricks, and How To Do Stuff
    • Some tasks, like giving your cat a pill, are common across many diseases and conditions
    • Contains lots of examples and ideas for making it easier to care for your cat
  • Saving Money
    • Ideas on strategies for saving money on human and vet prescriptions
    • General examples for prescription savings ideas
    • Specific examples of coupon codes that can be used at Walgreens or other pharmacies to save a lot of money on human prescriptions for your cat
  • Products I Use
    • I often get questions about where to buy the specific medications, supplements, gadgets, etc. that I use with my own cats. This page covers all that.
  • Blog
    • I sometimes have stuff to say that doesn’t really fit anywhere else in this site

Help make this site better!

This site is a work in progress, but I would love your input on making it better. Is there a disease that is not covered? Is there a tip or trick that is not listed? Whatever it is, tell me about it and I will get that information added as quickly as possible.