Why this site?

As a person who is owned by a few elderly cats, I have learned that finding information and resources to deal with their new health problems is a daunting task. Within a very short period of time the “favorites” and “bookmarks” menus in my web browser were overloaded with links to sites that I was worried I would forget about if I did not save them. I started to think “someone should really make one website that puts all this information in a single place…” Well, I am someone, so that is exactly what I have done!

About Me and My Fur Family

My name is Jamie and I love cats. My fur family and I live in southern Arizona. We may lack in water resources but we make up for that with our deadly high temperatures and not enough shade. That is not the official visitors slogan for this part of the state, but it probably should be.

I spend most of the year avoiding the outdoors and the third degree sunburns that go along with them. My cats spend most of the year outside in their catio, soaking up the heat. When they are not outdoors sleeping in the sun they are indoors… sleeping on their heated beds. These cats would never survive in a place that has more seasons than “summer” and “not quite summer, but close.”

Cat * Shiva * Thomas * Oliver * Muffy * Cow * Pup – An Honorary Kitty