Oliver is currently fighting a cancer that’s very rare in cats – hemangiosarcoma. You can read his story and support him in that fight at https://www.gofundme.com/f/oliver-fights-rare-cancer

Everyone has favorites. They won’t normally admit it, but there is always one kid who is loved a little bit more than the others. For me, that kid is Oliver.

I met Oliver in the beginning of November 2007. At the time I was volunteering at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and he was surrendered by a family with too many pets who did not have time to correct the few behavior problems he had.

From the moment he arrived Oliver was my favorite. He had a wonderfully calm personality, loved belly rubs, and would lazily push himself around the kennel with one leg while lying on his back. He was said to be great with cats, great with dogs, great with kids. He was interested in play, interested in cuddling, and generally unfazed by the chaos around him.

I spent three weeks getting to know Oliver and trying to match him with potential adopters. He fit every thing on every family’s list, except that he was an adult. At one and a half years old (young for a shelter cat) he was passed over multiple times in favor of kittens.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching and The Most Perfect Cat In The World continually being rejected I made him a deal: get yourself adopted to a nice family by the time the shelter closes for the holiday, or I will adopt you.

And that was how Oliver, my youngest, joined the family.