When Shiva was a young girl, about 10 months old, she came to stay at my house for a week to recover from spay surgery. That week has lasted 14 years and counting.

Shiva is food motivated and too smart for her own good. Because of that, and because she spent the first part of her life with a high-energy dog who needed lots of obedience training, she has learned a fair number of tricks. Have you ever heard a cat bark like a dog? Well, Shiva does her best any time you tell her to “speak.” She knows sit, stay, lay down, rollover, and fetch as well. And if she’s got you pinned down and you need up? Well, a polite “Shiva, will you get off me please?” will quickly set you free.

Shiva has diabetes, no teeth, some slight arthritis in her hips, and hates having her toes touched, but is otherwise a happy, healthy senior kitty.