Transdermal Medication Application

A transdermal medication is a type of medication that absorbs through the skin. In cats this type of medicine is usually applied to the inside of the ear.

Key Points

  • The ear must be clean before applying more medicine
    • Gently wipe the inside of the ear with a damp cotton ball/pad, or other soft material
    • Clean the ear with plain, warm water
      • Soaps, or other cleaning agents like witch hazel, can cause unnecessary drying and irritation to the ear so while you may need them sometimes, it’s best to avoid daily use of them
  • Alternate ears when applying the medication
  • Protect yourself by wearing finger cots or gloves when applying the medicine
    • Use nitrile finger cots or gloves rather than latex to protect yourself and your cat from any skin reactions if either of you have a latex allergy
    • If you don’t know whether you or your cat has a latex allergy it’s better to play it safe by using nitrile
  • Talk to your vet immediately if your cat has any kind of skin reaction to the medication (redness, swelling, rash, irritation, etc.)
  • Act as though the act of applying medicine is a positive bonding experience between you and your cat
    • The more calm and confident you are the more calm and confident your cat will be

My Favorite Videos

I like this video because the cat isn’t 100% cooperative with the process.

For a very long, in-depth explanation you can watch this next video.