Calculate Medicine Dose

Throughout the course of treating your cat you may at times need to calculate new medicine doses based on different factors:

  • Your cat gains or loses weight
  • You started at a low dose and need to go up in the range
  • You started at a high dose and need to go down in the range
  • You started using a different strength/concentration of the same medicine and need to be sure you’re getting the same overall dose

The Omni Calculator can help you by doing most of the math for you.

The things you need to know before getting started are:

  • The concentration/strength of the medicine you’re using
    • e.g., 1 mg/ml or 25 mg tablet, etc.
  • The weight of your cat in either pounds or kilograms (the calculator can use either)
  • The dosage your cat is supposed to receive
    • e.g., give 0.5 mg/kg daily

Using the Calculator

Here’s an example for Thomas when I needed to calculate the minimum and maximum dose of a pain medicine he was taking for pancreatitis.

Go to the calculator

This is what the calculator looks like before you make any entries.

Input the dose and check the result

I started by entering the “low end dose” that Thomas could get for his medicine – in the dosage line below. This is a liquid medicine so the Liquid Dose tells me that the low dose I should give is 0.11 ml

Next I entered the “high end dose” that Thomas could take. In this one I see Thomas can have up to 0.33 ml of this medicine.

And that’s it! You can also send yourself the results using the button at the bottom of the calculator, if you need to keep it in writing.