Choosing Cat Litter

Choosing a cat litter to use is a lot like choosing toilet paper… surprisingly complicated. Cat litter has come a long way since the invention of Kitty Litter in 1947. Today we have an overwhelming amount of options and it can be quite difficult to settle on something that makes both you and your cat happy.

When looking for a cat litter the most important thing to remember is that the litter you chose is for your cat, not for you. Many of the features of modern cat litter are designed to make litter boxes more comfortable for humans, but some of these features make the litter more uncomfortable for cats.

Self-Cleaning or Automatic Litter Box

If you are using a self cleaning or automatic litter box you likely will have very little choice, if any, in the kind of litter you’re using. Before attempting to change the type of litter you’re using you should verify with the manufacturer if your new litter choice will work. There’s nothing worse than destroying your litter box by changing litter.

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