Diapering Cats

Cats with certain handicaps, age or disease related incontinence, or extreme behavioral issues may require the use of diapers.

Pet Parents has some great info on how to choose diapers.

Love To Know has information on how to choose diapers and how to modify human diapers for a cat.

Castle Paw Designs has step-by-step instructions, with photos, on how to measure for diapers. They use a dog in the photos, but the same principles apply to measuring a cat.

Key Points

  • You can buy “dog” diapers to use for cats at many pet stores
    • You can not use “male wraps” in place of a diaper. These don’t work for a cat’s anatomy
  • Human diapers can be used on cats but you need to cut a tail hole
  • You can use disposable or washable/reusable diapers
  • Sta-On Pet Diaper Harness can be used to keep diapers in place
  • Joybies Piddle Pants are great options for cats because they have a suspenders-style harness to help keep the diapers in place

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