Finding Financial Assistance – Outside USA

Financial assistance resources available outside the USA.

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Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has information on free and low income care options at

United Kingdom (UK)

PDSA The PDSA treats animals that belong to owners who get financial help from certain state benefits like Housing Benefit or Council Tax support. Usually the PDSA provide free vet care if on benefits, but ask anyone whose pet receives free treatment to make a voluntarily donation towards the cost, as the charity does not receive any government funding.The PDSA have their own vets which provide both emergency treatment and ongoing/prescription care in designated areas of the UK. For more information and to check if your pet qualifies for free treatment, call the free PDSA helpline on 0800 731 2502 or visit the PDSA website. You will need to register your pet before they can receive treatment.

Blue Cross runs four animal hospitals and five mobile clinics across London and Grimsby. They also have five pet care clinics located outside London. These offer free veterinary treatment for pets whose owners are on a low income or get certain means-tested benefits. Visit the Blue Cross website to check if you live in an area covered by the Blue Cross, and whether you qualify for free veterinary care.

Cats Protection offer financial assistance towards the cost of neutering and spaying but do not pay out for any other veterinary care. Spaying female cats has been linked with preventing certain types of cancers and can totally prevent a cat from developing pyometra, a type of uterine infection which is often fatal without emergency surgery to remove the infected uterus. Visit the Cats Protection website to check if you qualify for financial assistance.

The RSPCA focus their funds towards basic and preventative veterinary care, these include neutering, micro-chipping and vaccinations. You cannot get any help with vet bills from RSPCA headquarters, but some RSCPA branches (which are run independently) do offer financial assistance to those on a low income or retired pet owners.Visit the RSPCA website to find your local branch and contact them to see what they offer.

The USPCA is a Northern Irish animal charity whose primary focus is on preventing animal cruelty. They also offer help towards some veterinary services, including free micro-chipping at certain times of the year. Contact your local USPCA centre or call their helpline on 028 3025 1000.

Vetfone is a 24 hour vet helpline similar to NHS Direct, but for pets. It provides advice from a qualified RCVS registered veterinary nurse over the phone. The telephone service isn’t free, but is often cheaper than booking an appointment with a vet. It can also be a useful service if you are unsure whether your pet needs to see a vet, or if your normal veterinary practice is closed. You can either choose to pay a fixed fee or opt to have your call charged at a per minute rate plus network extras. Visit the Vetfone website for more details.

CareFree Credit (registered in England and Wales) provides zero interest or low interest loans to cover the cost of vet care. CareFree Credit pays your vet directly and then you pay back the balance. Many payment plans are zero interest, but some repayment plans would accrue interest depending on the length of your repayment period. More information and applications are at